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  Digital marketing is advertising of products or services using different digital technologies. This includes marketing using internet and electronic devices.  Digital marketing and social media has changed the way companies make use of technology for marketing. In the same way technology advances so does the way people brows for products and services. Customers make use of search engines and social media platforms instead of visiting physical shops. Digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent and efficient. Digital
Guideline for Social Media set-up   Are you using social network to promote your startup Business? Would you like some tips about how-to set-up your Social media network the right way?In today’s Marketing world where individuals may easily connect with one another online from via electronic devices, it’s important that you’ve an efficient social media business plan to get your Business off the ground. Since billions of individuals are connected on social network sites, you are truly
5 Reasons why Digital Marketing can help you grow your business. 1. Digital Marketing is an online playing field Internet marketing allows all businesses to compete for customers online on all digital platforms, mobile devices, and different social media platforms. Customers can now review your online presence, compare prices and can even read reviews about all your happy clients.     2. Digital Marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. There are 3 categories that
ROCO Marketing leading internet marketing consultants South Africa ROCO Marketing is an online marketing guru and we create strong foundations that are simple, Strategic, Effective and easy to manage. Internet marketing has taken advertising to a whole new world. People have access to internet and that are exposed to millions of advertisements on Mobile devices. Online directories have replaced telephone books. Your business advertisement will no longer end up in the recycling but will now