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12. Leaders Focus on Sustainable Solutions – Not Quick Fixes.

Today in our Digital Marketing Blog we are discussing the effects of being a leader or a Boss at Work. ROCO Marketing has been one of the Leaders in Digital Marketing. A boss will teach you what to do. A leader will show you how and why to do it. A focus on the why is one of the most critical leadership approaches because

In an ideal world, the journey people take from Marketing to Sales would be customer see your Marketing and Advertising material: See your product. Buy your product. Use your product. Repeat. In reality, the journey is more like a tour

Search Engine is advertising on Search Engines like Google search that reaches people on different electronic devices wherever they are. So, this means while customers can more information about your products and services on Google’s online advertising anytime of the day. You can now grow your Business and reach customers nationwide 24/7. With Search Engine Marketing you can choose where your ad appears, you can schedule

  Digital marketing is advertising of products or services using different digital technologies. This includes marketing using internet and electronic devices.  Digital marketing and social media has changed the way companies make use of technology for marketing. In the same way technology advances so does the way people brows for products and services. Customers make use of search engines and social media platforms instead of visiting physical shops.

Guideline for Social Media set-up



Are you using social network to promote your startup Business? Would you like some tips about how-to set-up your Social media network the right way?

In today’s Marketing world where individuals may easily connect with one another online from via electronic devices, it’s important that you’ve an efficient social media business plan to get your Business off the ground. Since billions of individuals are connected on social network sites, you are truly missing out if you are not tapping these exceptional resources.

Here are a few surprising numbers on the total active users on popular social networks: Facebook: 1.41 billion Twitter: 288 millions LinkedIn: 347 million Pinterest: 70 million Plainly, these roll counts show that social marketing is a good way to get visibility for your Business if you put in the effort to make a solid presence on it. From large corporate firms to mid level agencies and completely new Businesses, social network allow companies to leverage power to attract more leads or clients. Thanks to their huge resources available on Social media, bigger companies frequently may easily keep pace with the most recent social network changes to reap a good profit.

Nevertheless, small firms and start up Business typically struggle in this case because of a lack of cash and business connections. That’s why I’ve decided to create the following guide about how-to setup your social media networks the proper way. Create Your Social Media Strategy Whether its big, medium, or tiny, every type of business needs a social network strategy to compete within today’s digital market. Having a spectacular plan might help escort your social network campaigns to the highest height possible.

Guide on how to set-up your Social Media networks:

  • Examine your goals, You must think about your company motives and brainstorm how social network might help achieve them.
  • Decide what social networks to use you need to examine the consistency of your brand through social networking channels.
  • What will make your brand different. Always keep in mind that every brand has a distinctive objective and yours must be different than others to stand out. Look at what your competitors are doing and note how you can do it better
  • Plan How, When, who and where – Consistency is the key to social media. This takes a lot of time, dedication and planning.

Social internet marketing in 2018 is more about developing a content strategy and making it readily accessible from mobile devices.

Consequently, make certain you are defining a social network plan with a content strategy that works for mobile users too. Choose the Right Social Networks There are plenty of different social network platforms now circulating the internet, but its impractical to manage and update profiles on everyone regularly.

Have a look on our next blog, we will be discussing the importance of using a business profile on Social media and not your personal profile.


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