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Here’s how to use your computer’s browser to upload a photo to Instagram without having to use a smartphone. You can use the web console feature in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to post directly to Instagram. Using Google Chrome to post directly on Instagram. Open an incognito window in Google Chrome. Open Google Chrome if it isn’t already open, click ⋮ in the top-right corner of the window, and click New incognito window in
12. Leaders Focus on Sustainable Solutions – Not Quick Fixes. Today in our Digital Marketing Blog we are discussing the effects of being a leader or a Boss at Work. ROCO Marketing has been one of the Leaders in Digital Marketing. A boss will teach you what to do. A leader will show you how and why to do it. A focus on the why is one of the most critical leadership approaches because it makes learning
Customer journey mapping: In an ideal world, the journey people take from Marketing to Sales would be customer see your Marketing and Advertising material: See your product. Buy your product. Use your product. Repeat. In reality, the journey is more like a tour with stops and sightseeing, exploration, and discussion along the way— when you need to convince customers not to switch to a competitor. Convincing people to choose your brand and stick with it instead.
Search Engine is advertising on Search Engines like Google search that reaches people on different electronic devices wherever they are. So, this means while customers can more information about your products and services on Google’s online advertising anytime of the day. You can now grow your Business and reach customers nationwide 24/7. With Search Engine Marketing you can choose where your ad appears, you can schedule what time of day adverts appear, set a budget