What makes us unique

ROCO Marketing leading internet marketing consultants South Africa

ROCO Marketing is an online marketing guru and we create strong foundations that are simple, Strategic, Effective and easy to manage. Internet marketing has taken advertising to a whole new world. People have access to internet and that are exposed to millions of advertisements on Mobile devices. Online directories have replaced telephone books. Your business advertisement will no longer end up in the recycling but will now be available online 24/7 to potential customers nationwide. It’s all about the effort you put in and the willingness to explore new Marketing Strategies.



What makes us unique:

• Local or Abroad
We love helping clients break their market’s boundaries. We have launched numerous advertising campaigns, targeting diverse audiences and we have worked with many clients on improving their Online Marketing strategies.

• Creative and Analytical
We are very creative but at the same time we are very analytical as we believe that digital marketing is more than just an art, it’s a science. We turn our science into a experience.

• Technical but Marketing Driven
Our team includes highly skilled Google specialist and Social media experts who are involved in every aspect of the projects that we undertake. Our projects are never technology driven but always guided by realistic business objectives and goals.

• We love sharing our knowledge
As driven as we are to acquire knowledge, we are just as motivated to share it with our clients. This is because we believe that working in partnership with others forms incredible relationships capable of achieving great things.

• Consistency is the key
The representation of your brand across all channels including your logo, website and all digital platforms will represent unity as a standard.


Strategic plan

• Optimize your website.
-Your website needs to be clear and functional.

• Create kick ass content.
-It’s not just having content that matters, it’s about having quality content that is published on an constant basis.

• Define distribution channels.
-Intergrade social media platforms with a CRM management system
-Email marketing is used to retarget leads and give clients nutritional information

• Get Found.
-Google allows customers to find you by using your content, your social media tags and index on your webpage

• Measure- start tracking, measuring and reporting


Weekly tasks – So why pay us to manage your Marketing profile?

• First 3 weeks – implementation: 45 hours over a period of 2 – 3 weeks
• Profile management, 5 Hours per week / 20 hours per month – after implementation.

Check Group Discussions. We monitor social media platforms to identify any discussions that are of relevance to your products. We comment on these groups then follow-up with re-target marketing efforts to relevant individuals to generate leads.

Check Google. Alerts will be set up under your company name, competitor’s names and relevant industry keywords. This needs to be organized daily to ensure I’m not missing any important market related keywords

Review Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts. We adjust budgets, keywords, and check trends. We make sure that active campaigns are relevant and accurate.

Find new markets and leads. We will constantly be monitoring for new places that might like your products and services.

Design. We also do graphic designing and creation of branding

Write Posts. Content related posts on social media platforms will be designed and written

Maintain marketing plan.